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The Client

Greene King operates a wide range of pubs, restaurants, and hotels across the country. Recognized for its traditional English ales, Greene King has a history dating back to 1799. The company is involved in brewing, marketing, and selling beer, as well as running pubs and restaurants. It is known for introducing new and innovative concepts in the pub and hospitality sector.

The Brief

We were invited to work on the exterior guidelines for Greene King’s Urban Pub sector. The goal was to enhance the look of the exterior of the urban pub estate, creating warm, inviting social hubs that harmonized with the fabric and character of local areas. They required a comprehensive guideline to serve both internal decision-making and external designer briefings.


Greene King Urban pubs


Brand Guideline Development, Brand segmentation, Brand Deployment Strategy, Market Positioning Assessment, Visual Identity and Messaging , New Brand Identity Creation, Design templates and assests


December 6, 2023

What We Did

Road Map
We developed a roadmap outlining the evolution of exterior guidelines, considering learnings gathered.

Cohort-Specific Rules
Cohort-specific fonts and rules were established to work across diverse urban pub sector settings.

Feedback Loop to Research Company
A feedback loop was established with a research company to refine signage design based on guest feedback and consumer reviews.

Pictorial Styles
Over 100 hanging sign examples were designed, tested, and refined to create a strong and distinct brand identity. Sign templates were created to ensure they narrate the unique story of each pub.

Establishing the Exterior Look
We created elements that signify the type of pub inside, balancing tradition and modernity. Making the appearance of the pub welcoming to all and Identify elements that harmoniously fit into the local community.


Brand Identity Reinvention
Pictorial styles embodying the pub’s interior were tested, and a consistent route was identified for all locations.

Best Practice Assets
Assets were created as best practice examples, aiding in visualizing within guidelines. for lighting, planting, furniture, paint colours, door fixtures, etc

Unified Signage Style
A signage style and exterior design were established, capable of being rolled out through refurbishments.

Brand Guidelines Collaboration
Comprehensive brand guidelines were developed, setting rules for a consistent and impactful visual identity across the estate.