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The Client

Ego Restaurants are informal British pubs and restaurants with an upbeat Mediterranean twist. The sites represent a mixture of converted suburban pubs and vibrant city center locations. Each Ego restaurant or pub has its own individual character and style.

The Brief:
    ‘Spice up the brand’
    Visual identity/tone of voice
    Logo evolution
    Provide guidance on how the pub’s personality and individual site names will work within the Ego brand
    Brand identity for the Ego group
    Provide exterior guidelines for signage implementation
    Design guidelines for essential communication elements (menus, POS, website, etc.)

Ego Restaurants


Brand Repositioning and Redesign, Brand Guideline Development, Brand Hierarchy Planning, Brand Deployment Strategy, Market Positioning Assessment, Visual Identity and Messaging Revamp, New Brand Identity Creation, Comprehensive POS Toolkits, Design templates for print and digital


December 11, 2023

What We Did:

The primary task behind this case was to understand and define what Ego stands for. We introduced a brand character named Maria, who serves as the inspiration behind Ego Restaurants. Maria imparts a stylish, relaxed, and informal ambiance to the brand. So, the project scope required thinking from Maria’s perspective. How would we bring to life the brand personality of subtle good taste, the goodness of living, stylish informality, warmth, and cosmopolitan flair? How would we unleash her energy and bring out the personality?

We started with TOV (Tone of Voice). How would Maria talk to her guests? From that, we were able to leverage her influence to develop a cohesive design aesthetic that mirrors Maria’s keen attention to detail in all touchpoints.

Logo Design:

Although initially considering an evolution of their logo, we successfully advocated for a complete logo redesign that better captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle—relaxed, joyful, and deeply rooted in the enjoyment of shared moments around the table. Dark blue and sunshine yellow were chosen to evoke the feeling of the sun setting over diners, mirroring the Mediterranean sea and the warm glow of a sunset. This color scheme was used throughout the rebranding.

External Branding and Signage:

We established clear guidance and examples on how to implement signage retrospectively across the estate and for future expansion. We provided solutions that give consistency and a level of confidence to guests who recognize the brand.

Visual Style and Brand Elements:

We designed a series of print and digital templates that enhanced the Ego brand, each one bringing a sense of Maria to the guest experience. These were included in the Brand guidelines and were rigorously applied throughout the company’s communication, both internally and externally.

Mitchells & Butlers After the Rebranding:

Mitchells & Butlers have since acquired the Ego brand and continued to use the branding we developed in their current and new acquisitions.